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DACA Documents

The information below does not establish an attorney-client relationship and does not provide legal advice.  Always consult with an attorney or accredited representative in order to see how complicated immigration laws will be applied to your particular situation. Every case will be different and every person who thinks they may be eligible for DACA should consult with an attorney or accredited representative to be certain.  

If you choose to consult with me, the following are documents you should gather:

- A birth certificate, with translation if needed (The Law Offices of Ana Maria Schwartz may be able to provide a certified translation for you at no extra charge if it is in Spanish)
- Documents that show you are currently in school, have graduated, obtained a GED, or were honorably discharged
- Documents to show you were here on June 15, 2012
- Documents to show you have been here for at least the last 5 years and that you entered before the age of 16
- Certified copies of all criminal documents 
- Note: affidavits will not be enough.  In some cases it may be allowed to fill in some gaps, but they cannot be your sole evidence.

There may be many different documents that will satisfy each requirement.  Ms. Schwartz works with her clients to ensure that sufficient documentation is presented to USCIS.  Acceptable documents include (but are not limited to): tax returns, bank statements, pay stubs, medical records, insurance documents, school records, and military records.  

A check or money order for $495 will be needed in order to file the application of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.  This fee covers the application, work authorization, and biometrics.  If in the future you wish to obtain Advance Parole and are eligible, there will be an additional fee.  Note that these fees are for each time you apply for benefits.  In a limited number of cases USCIS will determine inability to pay and will provide for a fee exemption, but this will be very rare.

Passport photos are required.  The Law Offices of Ana Maria Schwartz will take and process your passport photos at no extra charge if we are hired to represent you.  
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