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The Law Offices of Ana Maria Schwartz is proud to offer the following testimonials:

"Ana Maria is a great lawyer who stands behind her work and always answered any questions my my husband and I had.  We were filing a simple petition for permanent residency but ran into issues at the interview, with the immigration officer accusing us of visa fraud because I was on a student visa at the time we got married.

Ana Maria stuck by us during this time, and filed an appeal with the immigration office free of charge, because she believed the immigration office made an error in judgment.  She consulted with specialists in Houston and researched case law on our behalf - all free of charge.  She also advised us on how to contact congress to put pressure on the immigration office to review our appeal in a timely fashion.

Due to the advice on Ana Maria and the efforts of Senator Cornyn's office on our behalf, the decision of the immigration office was overturned, and I am now a legal permanent resident.  We avoided having to file an I-601 because of Ana Maria's advice, which saved us thousands of dollars.  Ana Maria would have made more money if we had to file but she was happy we did not have to and helped immensely in getting us to that point.  She is a lawyer that truly looks out for her clients best interests.

If you need help with an immigration attorney who stands behind her work and truly cares about the people she is helping, you could not do better than Ana Maria.  She was with us for what was a year long process.  She is easy to talk to and a pleasure to deal with. Not only does she know the law, but she knows which people in congress you should talk to, and who all the immigration officers are, something you could only get with an experienced immigration attorney." - L.D.

“My husband and I came into this immigration process unsure of our future together in the United States.

Ana Maria Schwartz was highly recommended to us and we are so blessed to have worked with her.  She was readily available, personable, but most importantly she was knowledgeable about the immigration process and laws.  She worked diligently on our case and the end product was fantastic. At the immigrant visa interview, the consular officer commented that our lawyer, Ms. Schwartz, did an excellent job!  My husband was approved for his immigrant visa, and our future in the United States is now secure.” – K.M.

“I must use this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work you rendered to make my case successful. Your professionalism and customized manner in which you handled my case made it happen.

Everybody is happy for me. It was nice and surprising to see, all what you told me about my case and what is going to happen through the process, has become reality.

It was indeed my pleasure to meet you Ana Maria, after all the time I have spent looking for an immigration lawyer to take care of my case and get my green card. I always have a good impression about you since the first discussion we had. You are the kind of person that anyone can really feel free to talk to about his problems and concerns, which is important in the whole immigration issue. Also I appreciate the value and time you give to everyone of your customers, not mentioning how fast you answer your clients' emails.
Thank you a million times.”- M.B.

“I cannot begin to express how grateful I am for Ana Maria for all she did in securing legal residency for my husband.  From our first phone conversation I knew that I could trust her and she would do what needed to be done!  

I set up a meeting (she worked around my schedule) and I was impressed with her professionalism and caring nature.  Since my husband couldn’t work, I told her money would be an issue and she worked out a payment plan.  That was a HUGE relief.

Ana Maria encouraged me and kept me focused on getting the I-601 waiver that would get my husband back home with me.  She worked late at night and on weekends to meet the deadline for our next appointment which was scheduled less than 60 days later.  

Her thoroughness and attention to detail resulted in a successful adjudication and my husband’s waiver was approved and he received his permanent residence.  He was able to come home with me!  Yeah!!  

She was such a blessing in this journey we had to take, but I am grateful that I was able to meet such a gentle person along the way.  My heart overflows.”  - M.G.

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